We are the premier Donald J Trump Tweet Band

There are many imiitators but -- uhhhm, no, thats an ALTERNATIVE FACT. We're the only band that puts selected Donald J Trump's tweets to hard hitting, New York style punk music.

What tweets, you ask? Why his TWEETS OF RAGE, of course !!

Tweets of Rage are:
Dave Coker, Vocals & shrieking Lyrics
Micheal Morton, Throbbing bass
Luis Alsoe, Wailing guitar
Alphonse, Drum beater

Gigs? YOU BET 2019 will be hot !!

London ( Palais de Plasir private club, contact for details ), December 2017

Dagenham ( Cherry Tree ), March, 2018

Romford ( Fiction, VIP room ), April, 2018

taking the summer off 'cause its too damn hot. We'll be out on the coast drinking pints

watch for our first album, available on East End Sound April 1st, 2019

and don't even think of ripping off our sound or copying our band name, otherwise we'll sue you -- BIGLY

Last updated: December 11th, 2017
people have been appalled
people have been appalled by this so-called band since President Trump was elected